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Go where you have only dreamed of going. A dive excursion sponsored by The Dive Shop is a journey to a new world filled with beautiful and mysterious sights, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colorful creatures and fishes! You will swim through crystal clear waters and drift along and above vibrant coral reefs. You can dive into life at it's fullest when you travel with The Dive Shop!

Our guests love our underwater adventures but most of all, they rave about the total experience. Our dive travel experts go above and beyond to make certain that you have the time of your life. Our staff will work hard on your trip to accommodate your desires and provide the unexpected extras that are sure to thrill even the most seasoned traveler.

We work with the best travel providers and resorts in the industry, the ones who understand quality service and the value of a repeat customer. Excellence doesn't always have to mean high price. We find the true values and our travel partners are willing to make a trip feature rich at a reasonable price. Join us for your first, or your next, dive vacation and prepare to be AMAZED!


2019 Blue Grotto

2019-2020 Curacao

2020 Crystal River Manatees

2020 Cozumel

2020 Blue Grotto

2020 Pensacola

2020 Little Cayman Beach Resort

2020 Blackbeards

2020 Honduras Dunbar Rock

2020 Turks and Caicos

2020 Playa del Carmen

2020 Little Cayman

2020 Cayman Brac

2020 Gulf Diving

2020 Bahamas Aquacat

2020 Bonaire

2020 La Paz, Sea of Cortez


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