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We invite you to meet the staff at the Dive Shop. We cover just about every level and type of scuba certification available, and our backgrounds in life and diving are as diverse as the underwater world. We all share a deep love for diving, the oceans, our planet, and introducing others to the wonderful lifestyle that is Diving.

From Swimming to Snorkeling to Freediving to Scuba at any level, amateur to seasoned explorer, we stand ready to give you the best training, experience, and adventures the world has to offer

There is no doubt you’ll find a friend, and perhaps a mentor, that will help you excel on your adventure on the water planet we call Earth.

Keith Armstrong
Assistant Intructor Trainer
Registered Nurse 
Keith has been diving since 1990 and became an Instructor in 1995. He has reached the Assistant Instructor Trainer level in scuba and continues to work in the medical field as a RN. Enjoying teaching and travel around the blue marble are the highlights of his professional career. If he is not under the water, then you will find him on the water for a sunset cruise aboard his vessel.
Daniel Sukup
From the theater to the bottom of the pool...Daniel dreams of a job as a safety diver in Vegas.  He’s well on his way!  A certified DiveMaster, he is training to become an Instructor.  Daniel is also one of our Repair Techs, master of the swim strokes us older folks struggle with, and another one of our human smiles!  Daniel loves learning and in turn has become quite the educator.  He can make the technology of today appear effortless.  He can often be found practicing scuba skills in the pool after a long run or bike ride.  A passionate outdoorsman, Daniel is a great addition to our family at The Dive Shop!
David Keehn
Master Diver-in-Training
"fixer of all broken things"

Our newest staff member! David Keehn started diving this year.

Finally ripping off the chains of the corporate world, David has fully embraced his new love of all things scuba. He is an avid conservationist with a particular interest in coral restoration

David is training towards Master Diver and is our all around fixer of broken things.

Don Reid
Swim Instructor

Don loves teaching people to swim and enjoy the water.  By day he is a bus driver for the schools here in Georgia, Don can keep everyone in line and safe!

An avid diver, personal trainer and overall merman, Don is just about the most upbeat human smile you can meet.  His classes have waiting lists and we feel so lucky to have him on our team.  

Mr. Don to our swimmers, and super hero to us all!

Robert Winterberg
Open Water Instructor
Scuba Ranger Instructor
Con-ed Instructor
Robert is an awesome diver who decided to become an Instructor after years of being pushed into it by his fellow divers, Dive Instructors, and friends. He’s a true educator, passionate about diving, thorough and patient. Intimidating in stature but he’s a true teddy bear when needed. Robert was inspired by some of the best and his drive to make them proud truly shows not only in the pool & classroom, but in every trip he leads.  Originally from Florida, he has been diving since 1993.   He joined The Dive Shop IV in 2019, and we just love him.   
Emily Schrieber ("Eco Em")
Open Water Instructor
Con-ed Instructor
Tek XR
What can we say? Her smile and absolute energy are contagious. Add that she was one of the first SSI TekXR divers make Emily a true dive goddess. She loves the ocean so much that she wanted to be married underwater but the guest list was difficult to manage.  Instead she was married to the love of her life, Ed, at the Georgia Aquarium! When she isn’t out on a ship as the Paramedic for the crew, Em travels all over the world diving.  She loves to teach Scuba Rangers, youth and happy people! Emily is also an excellent part of the team when one has stepped on glass at a dive site. Talented, skilled, and top notch at anything educational, Emily can turn your frown upside down and take you to a shallow reef or down to the depths where the mermaids sleep! 
Alfredo Walsh
Open Water Instructor
Con-ed Instructor
What can we say?  Alfredo has been diving since 1983.  He loves training people to learn to dive and further their skills and experience.  Father of two and married to former Instructor Suzanne, they love diving worldwide.  You can find him in the water in Roatan or The Dive Shop pool, the man is a fish!  Alfredo continues to amaze all of us with his drive to learn more. He’s the one who brings staff the famous pupusas, if you don’t know what they are, you will have to ask Alfredo! Go diving, practice skills, be like Alfredo!
Ben Stevens
Instructor Trainer
Tom Elder
Repair Technician

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