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Have you ever dreamed of swimming like a dolphin or wondered what it feels like to glide through the ocean just holding your breath? Then, you owe to yourself to find out more about The Dive Shop's freediving program, “The Ultimate Freediving Experience!” As one of the fastest growing water sports in the world today, Freediving is much easier than you might think!

The Freediving philosophy is appealing! It promotes health and fitness that anyone can embrace and benefit from while enjoying the amazing views and serenity of the underwater world. Whether its 15 ft. (5 meters), or well beyond, Freediving is accessible to all water sport enthusiasts. Freediving gives you total freedom underwater to move like a fish in a completely natural way. It even allows you to get closer to the marine life, to swim and interact with dolphins in a way you could only dream of before.

From clear inland lakes, to the warm crystal clear waters, Freediving will allow you endless opportunities for underwater exploration and offers everything from heart-pumping action to quiet relaxation. Whichever experience you are looking for, SSI will prepare you for "The Ultimate Freediving Experience!”


SSI's Signature Water Training Method is the Difference

There are only 2 ways people learn – shock and repetition. Shock is not a good way to learn anything, especially Freediving. That leaves repetition. Do you remember when your mom or dad said, “Practice makes perfect?” Well they were right and that’s exactly how we will teach you to freedive. And the only way to do that is for you to become truly comfortable with your knowledge, skills and equipment. We call that the Diver Diamond.


The Diver Diamond is the cornerstone for all SSI education programs. It emphasizes the 4 ingredients required to become a diver, instead of just learning to dive: proper knowledge, proper skills, proper equipment and proper experience. The SSI Diver Diamond sets the foundation for “The Ultimate Diving Experience.”

SSI Freediving Instructors make learning come alive with personalized instruction that will put your skills to the test in reality-based training. Our signature water training method is known as, “Comfort through Repetition.” By practicing each skill you’ve learned throughout each level of your training, your actions become conditioned responses—second nature! SSI training ensures you retain what you’ve learned, while you continue to learn more. As a result, you will become a confident and comfortable freediver.

When you finish your SSI training and become a certified SSI Freediver, you’ll truly be ready to begin the adventure of your dreams!



Quality & Reliability

You can be sure that you have made the right choice with The Dive Shop's Freediving training program. Our quality management program ensures that you always receive the best services:

  • SSI is the only training organization where instructors can work just in collaboration with professional dive centers.
  • SSI forced compliance with the SSI Training Standards through an interactive quality management program (MAP), which includes you as a customer, the instructor and the Dive Center.
  • SSI is for 40 years, a high quality standard of dive centers that qualify as SSI partners.



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