Where do you dream of diving?
Ashley Denton   Jul 08, 2021 Admin


We can all admit, we're ready to get out of our houses and see the world! As divers, we're still enjoying local diving around our lakes and quarries (see our next local diving trips) but a dip in the ocean is a welcomed change. Travel restrictions are varied by country and are often changing which makes it hard to keep up with. SSI has developed a Travel Restriction Map so we can easily plan our next vacation. The Dive Shop proudly offers full service travel planning for group and individual travel through our own in-house agency. Let us know when you want to travel, what you'd like to see, what other activities you enjoy, and what level of accommodations you prefer. You'll pay the same rate advertised online but with a lot less work! 


Where do you dream of diving? We've all heard that The Great Barrier Reef is THE place to dive but where else should you go? Do you dream of diving Belize's Blue Hole? Or diving with the sharks in the Bahamas? SSI has put together a list of the Top 10 Most Pristine Reefs which are havens for underwater life, where coral is thriving and aquatic life is flourishing. As one of the most endangered ecosystems on the planet, the health of these reefs is essential to the preservation of Earth’s biodiversity.


It's our duty as divers to take care of our Earth and her oceans so that every reef flourishes. Imagine a world where every reef has healthy coral and abundant aquatic life. To learn more about what you can do, read up on SSI's Blue Oceans initiative. 


We're always open to Dive Travel suggestions! If you're ready to plan your next dive trip, see our upcoming trips and contact us to get registered! In the meantime, escape from reality and read SSI's Top 10 Most Pristine Reefs. That might get you through until your next dive!


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