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Shannon McNeese   Apr 01, 2020 Admin


You might be curious how The Dive Shop is addressing environmental problems and protecting our oceans. Though there are a variety of different marine conversation programs and organizations we are passionate about, this blog will focus on the SSI Blue Oceans program.


Blue Oceans (previously known as Mission Deep Blue) is a free online program offered through SSI to those individuals dedicated to protecting our planet and her waters. Blue Oceans equips students with a healthy dose of awareness and knowledge about the global challenges our oceans are facing and encourages students to take action to protect our marine environment, while also engaging others in conservation efforts. 


The Blue Oceans course examines 4 marine conversation subjects: coral reefs, shark finning, ocean plastics, and marine protected areas. Each section provides an overview of the subject, describes why it is important to our planet’s health, teaches about challenges and threats that the subject matter is facing, and includes solutions which are currently being implemented along with further actions we can take to make a difference.


To join the Blue Oceans effort and access this course, simply download the MySSI app or login to the website If you haven’t already done so, you will need to create a profile. Once logged in, you can access this free course.


The Dive Shop, in partnership with SSI, is committed to protecting our environment, our beloved waters, and all the creatures that inhabit them. For those who share our passion for protecting marine ecosystems, SSI offers a variety of ecology programs including Marine Ecology, Shark Ecology, Sea Turtle Ecology, Fish Identification, and Coral Identification.


Together, we can protect and preserve our aquatic world!

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