Live-aboard Diving: The Blackbeard’s Way!
Shannon McNeese   Nov 22, 2019 Admin


Have you ever experienced the fun of live-aboard diving? It’s a unique experience like no other. Wake up. Dive! Eat a snack. Dive! Eat lunch. Lounge. Finish lounging. Shark dive! Eat a snack. Drink a beer. Go fishing. Talk to your new friends about the sharks you saw. Drink another beer. Eat dinner. Night dive! (for those who did not enjoy the beers, of course) Stargaze. Sleep. Repeat. It’s hard work, so only the most “qualified” divers should dare to partake in such grueling amounts of fun, adventure, dive and play.


Lucky for you, The Dive Shop has just such a vacation planned for ye mateys ready to walk the plank into an incredible dive adventure. We are heading to the Bahamas May 16-22, 2020, boarding Blackbeard’s vessel, The Morning Star, to dive the pristine, out-lying waters of the Exuma Cays. Get ready to enjoy 6 nights, up to 19 dives, sharks and more sharks, beach time, prepared food and beverages, new friends, and a lifetime of memories.      


You can find out more details about this Blackbeard's adventure by calling the Dive Shop, or emailing


Are you ready to walk the plank to diving fun?  

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